Hai Phong has a quality human resource with diversity, high qualifications and admirable working spirit, thanks to its diverse and developed education system. The city has many universities, colleges, professional secondary schools and high schools with high teaching quality and diverse training programs. Through heavy investment in education, Hai Phong has created a highly qualified workforce with specialized knowledge and quality skills. Professions such as engineering, chemical engineering, business, tourism, healthcare and art all have rich and quality human resources in Hai Phong.


Hai Phong trains technical human resources for professions

In addition, local governments and organizations have placed human resource development as one of the top priorities. Hai Phong has implemented many programs and projects to train, improve qualifications and encourage the development of local human resources. Training programs and financial support for startups, as well as the creation of a friendly business environment, have promoted the development and exploitation of the potential of local human resources.


Hai Phong promotes human resources to attract investment and development


With most businesses in Hai Phong using high and modern technology, the labor market needs to remove bottlenecks to increase both quantity and quality.

Hai Phong - a locality identified as an important economic growth pole of the northern key economic region. In recent years, Hai Phong has created a great attraction for domestic and foreign investors with financial potential and advanced technology to come to Hai Phong, leading to an increase in labor demand in various industries. economy.

According to the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, businesses in industrial parks in the city are currently in need of recruiting more than 12.500 workers in many different positions. Especially for the engineering and industrial sectors, the need for human resources, especially high-quality human resources for FDI enterprises using high technology, is huge.

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Workers work at the factory of LG Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd., Hai Phong. (Source: Hai Phong Newspaper)


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