Accelerate the progress of Trang Due 3 Industrial Park Urgent need

According to Saigon-Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company, currently the Trang Due 1 and 2 Industrial Parks invested by the company have been filled with investment projects. Therefore, Trang Due 3 Industrial Park was quickly researched and implemented and has so far completed a large amount of work. However, compared to requirements, the project is still slow and accelerating the construction progress of Trang Due 3 Industrial Park is one of the urgent requirements.

Large and modern industrial park

Leaders of Saigon-Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company said that Trang Due 3 Industrial Park has an area of ​​687 hectares located in the communes of Truong Tho, Truong Thanh, An Tien, Bat Trang (An Lao district). This area is planned to include functional subdivisions such as industrial production land, warehouses, yards, and service area land; parking; Land transport; green trees, technical infrastructure... The goal is to build a multi-sector industrial park with high and modern technology, ensuring sustainable development. Total investment capital to build Trang Due 3 Industrial Park is about more than 8000 billion VND.

Recently, with the support and facilitation of the city, the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, An Lao district, and the very high determination of the investor, Trang Due 3 Industrial Park has implemented the following projects: work related to planning, site clearance... Most recently, in November 11, the City People's Committee approved the adjusted master plan at 2023/1 scale of Trang Due 2000 Industrial Park. This is an important basis for development. Declare the next steps of the project. At the same time, a part of the area has had site clearance procedures implemented. Leaders of Saigon-Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company said that the industrial park is currently waiting for the Prime Minister to approve the investment policy. Immediately after approval, the company will begin construction and be able to lease hundreds of hectares of land in 3, making an important contribution to promoting the development of industrial production in the city.

Trang Due 3 Industrial Park will be expanded towards An Lao district, making an important contribution to attracting investment and promoting the development process.

According to comrade Le Trung Kien, Member of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, Head of the Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone, it is necessary to set a determination to complete Trang Due Industrial Park phase 3 during 2021-2025. This is a big goal, a huge amount of work and a spirit of urgency and determination is needed, both clearing land, building industrial park infrastructure, and calling and attracting investment; There needs to be close and synchronous coordination of departments and branches of the city and An Lao district. In particular, site clearance work is of decisive significance and needs to be organized and implemented quickly by An Lao district. Trang Due Industrial Park phase 3 must aim to be modern, green, clean, beautiful, ensuring full environmental protection factors and especially having worker housing areas and service facilities. , and auxiliary areas are planned synchronously, worthy of being a model ecological industrial park of Hai Phong.

Leaders of An Lao district affirmed: Site clearance and implementation of Trang Due Industrial Park phase 3 is determined to be the local's top key task in this term. Therefore, the District Party Committee and People's Committee are focusing all their leadership and direction with the determination to hand over the site on schedule to the investor. Leaders of An Lao district emphasized that, successfully implementing Trang Due Industrial Park phase 3, An Lao district will develop strongly and breakthrough, the economy will grow rapidly, people's lives and jobs will be increasingly guaranteed. better.

According to Deputy General Director of Saigon-Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company Vu ​​Thanh Duong, the company has worked specifically with An Lao district and related communes to carry out site clearance; Commit to allocating sufficient funds to pay compensation, support and prepare resources and human resources to construct the industrial park's technical infrastructure. The most important thing is that the company has proactively planned to attract potential investors, including LG Group.

Forming the ecosystem of Trang Due Industrial Park

Trang Due Industrial Park infrastructure investment and construction project phase 1 was implemented in 2007 with an area of ​​187 hectares, currently 100% filled. Trang Due 2 Industrial Park, implemented since 2012, has also been 100% filled with 214 hectares of land. With the strategy of building a synchronous and modern infrastructure system to meet the increasing needs of domestic and foreign investors, Trang Due Industrial Park Phase 2 has achieved special achievements in attracting investment. Investing in more than 100 projects with a total investment capital of more than 9,5 billion USD, the average investment rate is more than 36 million USD/hectare, ranking first in the country in terms of attracting foreign investment.

Among them, the typical enterprise for Trang Due Industrial Park is LG Group, which has invested 8,24 billion USD in Hai Phong; Cumulative export turnover reached 50,6 billion USD; growth rate of 72%/year, an average annual increase of 1,71 billion USD. LG's export proportion always accounts for about 43% of the city's export turnover. Accumulated to date, LG has contributed 530 million USD to the city budget. Enterprises in Trang Due Industrial Park have created jobs for more than 55.000 local workers with an average stable income of 10.000.000 VND/person/month, contributing to positive economic and social changes for the region. local.

LG Group chose Trang Due Industrial Park as its development base

In social security work, businesses in Trang Due Industrial Park have implemented many social contribution programs such as LG company has supported IT stations for training facilities; providing scholarships to universities in the city; contributed 1,4 million USD to the Fund to support the purchase of vaccines to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic; building charity houses, building a strategic cooperation model for medical examination and treatment for workers; Organize blood donation day activities with the participation of hundreds of officials, employees, and experts; Coordinate with the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY to implement many programs to support and develop the lives of workers in the industrial park.

In addition, with the desire to create an Industrial Park - Urban Area development model, in 2015, the company implemented the Trang Due Workers' Housing and Commercial Services Urban Area project with a scale of more than 42 hectares. ha. In particular, the social housing project on a land area of ​​31.369 m2 began construction in May 5, with a scale of 2023 apartment buildings with basements, 10 floors high, the project will provide more than 15 apartments, Addressing the accommodation needs of workers in industrial parks and neighboring localities, creating momentum to promote industrialization, modernization, and socio-economic development in the region.

The excellent results in attracting investment of Trang Due Industrial Park have effectively contributed to making Hai Phong city one of the leading localities in the country in attracting FDI capital today.

Along with Trang Due 3 Industrial Park, Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company continues to deploy and operate Trang Due Supporting Industrial Cluster in Hong Phong commune and An Hoa commune, An Duong district with an area of ​​64,75 905 hectares, total investment capital of more than XNUMX billion VND. This industrial cluster orientation arranges industries and occupations that are linked and supportive in production; focus on attracting projects in the fields of industry and profession: high-tech industry, mechanical industry, electrical equipment, electronics - information technology; Supporting industries (serving high-tech industries, mechanical industries, electrical equipment, electronics - information technology, and means of transportation); manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals...

Thus, the Trang Due Industrial Park ecosystem has been formed. That shows the attractiveness of Hai Phong city in general, Hai Phong industrial parks in particular and especially Trang Due Industrial Park, one of the important factors promoting the successful implementation of the city's Party Congress resolution. 16th time, in which industry is one of the three main pillars of economic development. From there, it will contribute to making Hai Phong develop and take off in the near future.

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