Heza Hai Phong Economic Zone strengthens investment promotion exchanges with Thuong Ngu district, Shaoxing city (Zhejiang province China) and Chinese enterprises.

On the morning of May 13, 5, Comrade Le Trung Kien, Member of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, Head of the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, Hai Phong received and worked with the delegation of Thuong Ngu district (Zhejiang province, China). ) and Wolong Group (China) led by Mr. Jin Jinfu, District Chief of Thuong Ngu District. Also attending were representatives of relevant departments and branches.

Conference scene

At the reception and working session, Mr. Le Trung Kien, Head of the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, informed about the city's socio-economic development and investment attraction in recent times. He requested the Thuong Ngu district government to pay attention, mobilize and call for businesses operating in fields such as electronics, AI, logistics and education and training... to invest in the city.

Leaders of HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY Hai Phong and Thuong Ngu district witnessed the Ceremony of handing over the Letter of Intent for cooperation between the two sides.

Heza pledges to create all conditions and best support businesses investing in economic zones and industrial parks in the city. Comrade Head of HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, Hai Phong requested the authorities of Thuong Ngu district, Shaoxing city, to study and propose opening a direct flight between Zhejiang province and Hai Phong city. He also suggested choosing A district of Hai Phong city is twinned with Thuong Ngu district to tighten the relationship between the two sides.

Mr. Jin Jin Fu, Chief of Thuong Ngu District, spoke at the conference

The delegation's visit and work trip to Hai Phong city on this occasion has a lot of meaning for Hai Phong city. The city celebrates the 69th anniversary of Hai Phong's liberation along with major national holidays in the month. historical year. Hai Phong city has researched and developed a free trade zone and also hopes that Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province will bring valuable experiences when developing its own free trade zone to share experiences with the city. Hai Phong street. For Wolong Group, Head of HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY, Hai Phong requested the group's leaders to continue to pay attention, increase expansion of business-production activities and invest more in a number of new areas in Hai Phong in 2024.

Leaders of Heza Hai Phong Economic Zone, Thuong Ngu District and Wolong Group presented souvenirs on the occasion of the work.


On behalf of the Working Group, District Chief of Thuong Ngu District - Jin Jin Fu thanked the leaders of the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY for the respectful welcome, and hoped that in the coming time, the two sides would continue to focus on Learn and increase investment in industries and fields of mutual interest, especially in Zhejiang province, where there are many strong companies in the fields of electricity, electronics, and chemicals, which will call for them to invest in Hai Phong. As expected by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, China will promote investment and cooperation with Vietnam.

Delegates took souvenir photos during the work.

On this occasion, the Thuong Ngu district government and the HAI PHONG ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY awarded a Letter of Intent to cooperate on the basis of the principle of mutual benefit, deploying many forms of exchange and cooperation on the basis of mutual benefits. economic and trade fields, science and technology, culture, education, sports, health, and human resources to promote common prosperity.

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